About me.

My name is Chaim Albi, I’m a small business owner of a towing company in Houston TX (you might be asking yourself what is your business in the online marketing business?) well, unlike most online marketing agency I started my journey as an entrepreneur struggling to get more customers at my business (in my case get my phone ringing with new clients every day) I started with little to no budget for marketing and did it all by myself, I manage to build a website, bring it to first-page search results for at least 15 keywords that are drastically important for my business and bringing me a lot of new customer every day, and I’m managing my own PPC campaign every week.

I thought myself how to optimize my website to reach the first page of the search results (on-page and off-page), how to get higher in the Google maps sections and how to optimize my PPC campaign to spend as little as possible and get the most results possible.

After doing all of that for 5 years I can guarantee you, advertising online is working and working like a machine. it can get very expensive and unrewarding some days, and some days it works like a charm, but it works amazingly, you are more than welcome to check my words to see the results by yourself.

From the standpoint of a business owner who invested in equipment, and permits you get to the starting line with little to no marketing budget and we all know that’s what makes or breaks a business.

The mission of my agency is to help any entrepreneur succeed regardless of budget, we believe that in today’s age of online trading there are a lot of ways to make money even without charging the consumer directly if you have the resources but not the time or the effort to do it yourself we will be happy to assist, but if your resource is time and effort we can help too! we can offer a lot of knowledge and software that can help you get the result you need by yourself with a lower budget (you still might need some budget investing in software).


Making SEO services affordable

We believe that the world is shifting to the online market, and you obviously can see it in every corner around your town brick and mortar stores are closing, franchising slashing their stores right to left, and it’s not just Amazon’s fault, every business that has been failed to see the change to the online market around the curve find itself declaring bankruptcy. the business world is constantly changing and good business is not just adapting to the changes but dominating the competition. it is a brutal world indeed.

We believe that every business, small or large should have the opportunity to succeed online, especially since it’s a field that doesn’t require a lot of upfront capital like buying establish food franchise or brick and mortar store. We Believe that good ideas shouldn’t stay in the drawer or in your head, most people with a million-dollar idea don’t even try to make them a reality because of the fear of failing and those who do try most of the time fail from lack of market research and “falling in love” with the idea and investing a lot of money into it to find out later that there is no demand for it.

In today’s reality, it is a lot easier to test the market way before you have a physical product in hand, you can even predict how many sales you might have even before selling anything!

We believe that good ideas should become a website=>attract the right audiance=>convert them to buyers=>make people’s life easier=>make the world a better place