if you need resualt and immidiatly!

If you are here you understand that an essential part of marketing is showing up on Google top search results, and NOW!

Part of what we are offering is PPC management. If you are a business owner in 2020 you understand that if want to reach your target audience you need to invest in online marketing.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, unlike your employees who are getting paid by the hour, Google, Facebook, Bing, and other search engines and social media platforms are getting paid by PREFORMENCE and you should be glad they do!

Pay-Per-Click, as it sounds, you pay only if someone is seeing your ad and clicking on it. (although not every click is a buying customer but he might be down the road).

To best way to explain the process of Google powerful algorithm developed to attract more potential customers I will use this analogy:
Imagine the best salesperson in your company (could be you)

griding and hustling every day trying to find the right customers or clients, walking door to door, business to business offering your services or products.

At some point, he might make a few sales/find new clients 🤑 or will end up empty-handed. ☹️

regardless of both scenarios, his excitement and enthusiasm will drop dramatically and he will be exhausted by the end of the day.

(some of the good salespersons will deny it, they are always positive)

Now imagine that:
What if this salesperson would be the most powerful computer that everyone is constantly asking for information about everything every second of the day around the globe.

This Salesperson will take all those people that are asking for what you are offering and put it right in from of their eyes!

You will for sure make a killing selling whatever service or product you are offering right?

Well, this salesperson is not working just for you but for your competitors as well  and he will serve highest bidder or most relevant business fitting the people who are using his service…☹️. I’m assuming you understand that I’m referring to Google.

You see Google’s goal is not just to get the most money from each business choosing to advertise with them but to put the most relevant results basing on the algorithm they design for each keyword a user of Google is typing on the search results.

For Google, the most important thing is the users that are using the Google search engine will get the most accurate and relevant results to what they are asking for every time they typing something in the search bar.

For example if someone is looking for an apple, Google assumes they are looking for the Apple product line and not the actual fruit 🍎 if the would probably look for a grocery store to buy it from.

You see the more specific the user will be the easier it will be for the Advertiser, Google and of course the user who is looking on Google.
The more specific the search terms the cheaper it will be to show your ads on these keywords.

It might be shocking to you to hear that, you might be thinking “what kind of business is it if their #1 goal is not MAKING MORE MONEY?!” short answer, take a look of their stock valuation (alphabet) even right now, they are doing just fine right? a lot of businesses choosing to advertise with them every day and they don’t have overhead expenses to promote those businesses.


But not just somewhere in the 5th or 6th page in the search results (or worse) YOU WANTS TO BE ON THE FIRST PAGE!

There are 2 ways to do it


When you choose to pay Google to show up on the first-page result, the moment you pay and pick keywords (if it’s optional with the type of ad you choose) you would like to show your ads for your business website will be there.


If you keep scrolling below the paid ads section in the search results you will get to the map section (we can help put your business on that map also) and then there are the organic search results, those are the web pages that did not pay Google directly in order to show up on the search results but mostly worked hard optimizing their web pages to get to this position

Optimizing PPC campaign is a full-time job, running a paid ad campaign without optimizing it can be very pricy and one of the quickest way to burn the marketing budget without getting a return on the investment.
If you are a busy business owner and operator and you don’t have the time or the patience to figure out how to optimize your Google/Facebook paid campaign we can take care of it for you!